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Your Questions: How Do I Record My Sets Without A Laptop?

Digital DJ Tips reader Jonny asks: How do you record your live DJ sets I only occasionally use Traktor when I play live and obviously can record through that, but how about when I use my USB sticks on a standard CDJ/DJM club set-up I’ve seen some DJs use a portable recorder like a Zoom … Continued The post Your Questions: How Do I Record My Sets Without A Laptop appeared first on... »...

Friday Five: This Is How Smartphones Ruin Clubbing

In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece from Decoded Magazine that explores why taking selfies and videos at clubs is causing a disconnect between the DJ and the crowd. We’ve also got pieces from Soundfly, The New York Times, Coindesk and Timeline. Have a great weekend ahead! Are Phones Having A Negative … Continued The post Friday Five: This Is How... »...

Here Come The Bad Boys: Why Great DJs Take Risks

Taking risks is scary. You could mess up a transition. The crowd might not get it. Someone in your DJ live stream trolls you for a song choice. For these reasons, many DJs avoid risk taking and gravitate towards playing it safe: mixing tracks from start to finish when they feel and can see that … Continued The post Here Come The Bad Boys: Why Great DJs Take Risks appeared first on Digital... »...

A Message On Valentine’s Day…

I’ve got a timely reminder for you: We all got into this through love. Love of that “dancefloor moment”. Love of music. Love of togetherness in front of the speakers. Love of the thrill when we find the perfect mix or mashup, or when we hit “Export to WAV” on that new track that we … Continued The post A Message On Valentine’s Day… appeared first... »...

Zero To Hero, Part 3: How To Develop Your DJ/Producer Brand

In part one of our Zero To Hero: How To Hustle For DJ/Producer Success series we covered seven micro income streams to keep cash coming in while you pursue your DJ/producing, and in part two we talked about how you can get noticed online by putting out killer content. Today we’re going to focus on … Continued The post Zero To Hero, Part 3: How To Develop Your DJ/Producer Brand... »...

You Can Now Sell Your Productions On Beatport Through LANDR

LANDR, the online instant track mastering and song distribution service, has just announced that it has added Beatport to its song distribution list. That means you can now sell your productions on the world’s biggest online store for dance music, apart from the usual streaming services and outlets like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon … Continued The post You Can Now Sell... »...

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  • Elation Hzl Oil Base Haze Liquid 1-Liter

    Elation Hzl Oil Base Haze Liquid 1-Liter
    HZL is a specially composed non-toxic oil based hazer liquid, which produces a pure, translucent haze with an extremely long hang time and low moisture content....(more)

    $15.42 More Details
  • Elation Narrow Clamp

    Elation Narrow Clamp
    This 360 aluminum clamp is designed to attach to 2 trusses or pipes, allowing you to securely your light effect and is TUV rated for strength.360 wraparound des...(more)

    $15.99 More Details
  • Elation Elar Wr

    Elation Elar Wr
    Infrared wireless controller for Elation Architectural products.Designed for quick and easy infrared wireless control of Elation Architectural productsBlack Out...(more)

    $19.99 More Details
  • Elation Proswivel Clamp

    Elation Proswivel Clamp
    The American DJ Pro Swivel Clamp is a dual-head, rugged aluminum clamp that will fit any 2 piping or truss. The Pro Clamp has a 360-degree design making it a co...(more)

    $22.49 More Details
  • Elation Flc-4 Fog Fluid

    Elation Flc-4 Fog Fluid
    Specially designed for W-715 Fog Jet, the Z-1520RGB and any other fog machine where an extremely fast dissipating fog is necessary. Heavy fog with quick dispers...(more)

    $24.00 More Details
  • Elation Pro-Clamp Truss Clamp

    Elation Pro-Clamp Truss Clamp
    The Pro-Clamp is a heavy-duty, wrap-around-style truss clamp that provides 360 degrees of security. Designed for mounting heavy fixtures to a truss, you can fee...(more)

    $24.95 More Details
  • Elation Dmx-Branch/4

    Elation Dmx-Branch/4
    The Elation DMX-Branch/4 is a 4-way DMX distributor one DMX input, four DMX outputs, and one DMX through. The DMX-Branch/4 works with 3 & 5 pin XLR DMX cabl...(more)

    $229.99 More Details
  • Elation Light Copilot Ii

    Elation Light Copilot Ii
    Includes a rackmount controller panel, 8-channel switch pack, and 25' connector cable. USB gooseneck light input, 16 built-in programs, and internal mic or line...(more)

    $229.99 More Details
  • Elation Opto Branch 4

    Elation Opto Branch 4
    The Elation Opto Branch 4 is a 4-way DMX distributor with a single DMX input and four DMX outputs. The Opto Branch 4 works with 3 & 5 pin XLR DMX cables and...(more)

    $240.00 More Details
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