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Lighting and Effects News:

Laptop-Only DJing & Streaming Arrive In Serato For Everyone

Serato has just launched the long-awaited new versions of Serato DJ Pro and Serato DJ Lite. Previously available as public betas, Serato DJ Pro 2.1 and Serato DJ Lite 1.1 include Tidal and SoundCloud music streaming integration, along with the new Serato Play add-on pack that lets you DJ using just your laptop and a … Continued The post Laptop-Only DJing & Streaming Arrive In Serato... »...

Algoriddim Debuts New djay For iOS, Retires All Previous Apps

Algoriddim has just announced a major streamlining and repositioning of its DJ and video DJ app offerings on iOS. New app “djay For iOS” unifies all previous Algoriddim iOS software, with basic features available for free, and more advanced features available under a monthly subscription. Free app users get the basics, including access to Spotify … Continued The post Algoriddim... »...

10 Guilt-Free Christmas Songs for Your Festive Sets*

OK, so it’s true that there’s pretty much no such thing as a cringe-free Christmas anthem – but there are at least some tracks out there that archly refer to Christmas and let you (and your audiences) in on the joke rather than slathering each and every person with their out-and-out cheese. Here’s our take … Continued The post 10 Guilt-Free Christmas Songs for Your... »...

“Do This, New DJs! (My #1 Tip…)” – Episode 8 Of Our DJ School Vlog Is Here

Just starting out DJing Not sure what to practise Been trying for weeks, months, years, but don’t think you’re getting good enough to play out There’s a simple fix for ALL of that – and I reveal it in today’s vlog. This is episode eight of my new 40-part weekly Learn to DJ vlog, where I’m … Continued The post “Do This, New DJs! (My #1... »...

How Dance Music Is Made Today, Part 4: If You Wait To Get Signed, You’ll Get Left Behind

Before the 2000s the only way you could get your music out to a global audience was if you had a record label that backed you. The label paid your recording costs, handled the replication, and schmoozed with all the media outlets. The label also had connections with all the record stores, so it distributed … Continued The post How Dance Music Is Made Today, Part 4: If You Wait To Get... »...

Take The World’s Biggest DJ Census & Win A Pioneer DJ NXS2 Set-Up!

Our Global Digital DJ Census, the world’s biggest DJ survey, is now open. Whether you’re a beginner, a bedroom DJ or a gigging professional, take part today and get your voice heard in the DJ industry. To thank you for taking part, we’ll automatically enter you into our annual prize draw. You could win a … Continued The post Take The World’s Biggest DJ Census & Win A... »...

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  • American Dj Oslim Clamp 1.5

    American Dj Oslim Clamp 1.5
    The Oslim Clamp is a 1.5 wide, 360-degree clamp that securely wraps around truss tubing ensuring your lighting fixture won't go anywhere. The clamp is designed ...(more)

    $5.99 More Details
  • American Dj S81 Led Ii Strobe

    American Dj S81 Led Ii Strobe
    The ADJ S81 LED II is a mini LED strobe effect great for small mobile events or permanent applications such as clubs, bars, restaurants and retail locations. It...(more)

    $19.99 More Details
  • American Dj Vpar Pak

    American Dj Vpar Pak
    The ADJ VPar Pak is a compact, low profile LED Par kit with two VPAR LED Pars, a soft case gig bag and an IR wireless remote. The LED Pars feature five 4-Watt, ...(more)

    $249.99 More Details
  • American Dj Vbar Pak

    American Dj Vbar Pak
    The ADJ VBar Pak is a compact, low-profile LED linear fixture kit with two VBar LED Bars, a soft case gig bag and an IR wireless remote. The LED Bars feature fi...(more)

    $149.99 More Details
  • American Dj Pinspot Led Ii

    American Dj Pinspot Led Ii
    Tightly focused LED pinspot with powerful beam. This is ideal for highlighting smaller areas on a stage and most especially for aiming into a mirror ball.Bright...(more)

    $39.99 More Details
  • American Dj Mini Dekker

    American Dj Mini Dekker
    Offering impressive coverage thanks to its 48 lenses, the Mini Dekker is an inventive LED fixture that produces RGBW-colored effects that shoot out in every dir...(more)

    $79.99 More Details
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