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Peavey Pv 6 Mixer - by Peavey

Item description: This Mixers Peavey product is by Peavey - Peavey Electronics introduces the next level in world-class non-powered mixer performance: the all-new PV series mixing consoles. Equipped with Peavey's reference-quality mic preamps that spec in at an incredible 0.0007% THD, the PV series mixers are excellent for live or recording applications.The PV series mixers include up to 8 channels of reference-quality mic preamps, up to 8 direct outputs for recording, stereo channels, high quality digital effects, streaming USB out and MP3 playback via USB A input. Other features include Peavey's exclusive 48 volt phantom power, dual selectable control room outputs, 4 channels of compression, an on-board selectable guitar preamp, 3-band EQ per channel with bypass, channel mute buttons, aux send, signal clip indicators, and a stereo master LED meter bridge.Multiple direct outs per channel allow easy connection to most DAW interfaces for recording. In addition, the PV mixers can stream audio directly to a PC. MP3 playback is also available via USB A port and LCD display. All PV Series mixers also feature a tablet cradle to hold a smart device for convenient display and easy operation.The PV series Listen feature allows the user to listen to individual channels via headphone or control room outputs and the EQ bypass allows the user to compare the EQ'd signal to the original signal with the push of a button. Multiple channels of compression keep signals with difficult levels under control, and Peavey's exclusive guitar-shape adjusts the EQ and preamp specifically for guitar. Hi pass filters on every channel remove unwanted rumble and noise, and balanced AUX and Master outputs ensure a clean noise free signal to your powered speakers or power amplifier.FormatAnalog/digital: AnalogPowered: NoOutput (8 ohms): Not applicableAnalog inputsTotal: 6Mic preamps: 4XLR/TRS combo jacks: NoXLR only jacks: 41/4 only jacks: 6RCA (stereo pair): NoPhantom power: Yes (+48V)Analog outputsMain XLR out: Not applicableMain 1/4 out: 4Aux XLR: NoAux 1/4: 2RCA (stereo pair): NoHeadphone: 1Onboard effectsCompression: NoReverb: NoDelay: NoChorus/flange: NoEqualizationType: AnalogBands per channel: 3Treble: YesHigh midrange: NoSweep high midrange: NoMidrange: NoSweep midrange: NoLow midrange: YesSweep Low midrange: NoLow: YesQ: NoLow cut: YesMaster graphic: NoInserts/busesInserts (channel): Not applicableInserts (master): Not applicableBuses: Not applicableSub groups: Not applicableConnectivityUSB: NoFireWire: NoWiFi: NoADAT: NoThunderbolt: NoS/... Learn More

Manufacturer: Peavey

Keywords: Peavey, Unpowered Mixers

Category: Peavey


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