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Lighting and Effects News:

Rekordbox 5.5 Released, Adds Feedback Reducer Feature

Pioneer DJ just released an update to its Rekordbox software. Now at version 5.5, it adds a new Feedback Reducer option that minimises microphone feedback when using the DDJ-800 and DDJ-RR controllers. Lighting Mode has also been improved by adding a brightness control and new combo fixtures to its compatibility list. Finally, a new “plug-and-play” … Continued The post... »...

Not Got An Aux Input On Your Controller? Here’s The Fix…

Budget controllers have lowered the barrier to entry for digital DJing. They’re a great way to get started, though they often lack advanced features that could be key as you become a more experienced DJ. One feature that’s rare on a budget controller is an auxiliary input. An auxiliary input lets DJs plug in another … Continued The post Not Got An Aux Input On Your Controller... »...

Pioneer DJ DDJ-800 Vs DDJ-1000: Which Should You Choose?

With the announcement of the Pioneer DJ DDJ-800 – a smaller, lighter, cheaper take on the Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000, which is one of the best selling DJ controllers out there in 2019 – Pioneer has given potential purchasers a tricky choice. Should you go for the DDJ-1000, with its full-sized, straight-from-the-DJ-booth look and feel Or, … Continued The post Pioneer DJ DDJ-800 Vs... »...

Pioneer DJ Launches DDJ-800 Rekordbox DJ Controller

Pioneer DJ just announced the DDJ-800, a brand new two-channel controller for Rekordbox DJ. It looks like a more compact version of the DDJ-1000 released over a year ago: though the jogwheels are smaller, they still have high-definition displays in their centres for viewing track data and waveforms, and there are Feeling Adjust knobs for … Continued The post Pioneer DJ Launches DDJ-800... »...

Arturia Launches Trio Of Vintage Compressor Plugins For Producers

Arturia just announced a compressor plugin suite for DJ/producers that is based on emulations of legendary vintage gear. Cheekily dubbed “3 Compressors You’ll Actually Use”, the bundle features faithful recreations of the UREI 1176, the DBX 165 and the rare Gates-STA tube compressor, all of which are hallowed pieces of recording studio hardware costing thousands … Continued The post... »...

DJ Skill Sessions #57: Turntables & Future Beats DVS Routine

In this DJ Skill Sessions video our very own Marc Santaromana pitches in a routine dripping with blissed out future beats and hip hop mashups. A club DJ who favours scratching with DVS, he performs this mix on a pair of Technics 1200s, a Rane Seventy-Two mixer and Serato DJ Pro. Watch how he uses … Continued The post DJ Skill Sessions #57: Turntables & Future Beats DVS Routine... »...

SKU- Proline Pair Of Thintri64 Par Wash Lights from Guitar Center  sku

Proline Pair Of Thintri64 Par Wash Lights - by Proline

Item description: This Lighting and Effects Proline product is by Proline - This package contains two VENUE ThinTri64 fixtures, perfect to bookend your DJ booth or to wash a dance floor.For outstanding overall light coverage, the VENUE ThinTri64 fixture combines spectacular brightness, vibrant colors, extreme durability, and simple operation in a compact lighting fixture. It features 12 x 3-watt tri-color LEDs with VENUEs LED technology that minimizes drops in brightness when the LED elements warm up over time, allowing your new fixture to retain premium performance and brightness. That means your show will look just as good at the finish as it did at the start. Includes dual-stage optics housed in a robust chassis with clear protective lens. The fixture has four operating modes (Stand-Alone, Sound Active, DMX, and Master/Slave), seven static colors, 236 color macros, four preset color programs, strobe, dimming, and manual color mixing. The fixture also features sturdy double yokes for precise aiming from stands, trusses, or floors, and includes pass-thru DMX and AC connections for neat cable management. VENUE's ThinTri64 includes mix and match compatibility with VENUE's ThinTri38, TriStrip3Z, and Control16 DMX controller for complete scalability for large and small shows.pair of J2796400000000012 x 3-watt tri-color LEDs with dual-layer opticsVibrant color and illuminationClass-leading LED technology minimizes drops in brightnessEasy access menuBold red, green and blue primary colors7 Static colors4 Preset lighting programs236 color macros (DMX mode)Clear protective lens covering LED elementsDual-yoke design for stable aiming from lighting stands, installation, or floorBuilt-In pass through for safety cables4 Operating modesDMX In/OutAC Power In/OutLED Menu with simple push-button control... Learn More

Manufacturer: Proline

Keywords: Proline, Par Cans

Category: Proline


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