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Friday Five: How Streaming & Cloud Data Will Change DJing Forever

In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece from DJ Mag on why easy access to music from streaming services and “big data” from the cloud are going to drive huge changes in DJing. We’ve also got pieces from DJ Techtools, Mixmag, and The Guardian. Have a great weekend ahead! How Streaming & … ContinuedThe post Friday Five: How Streaming &... ...

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The New Rules Of Becoming A DJ - Beginners Start Here!

New to DJing Starting to take your hobby seriously Looking for a complete guide to getting better You’ve found it. Read on for all you need to understand and know to succeed in the new world of DJing, how it’s done today. As I write this, I’ve just returned from my annual visit to the … ContinuedThe post The New Rules Of Becoming A DJ – Beginners Start Here!... ...

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10 Trends To Watch In DJing For 2020

DJing is in constant flux. From the rise of different genres to the technology that we use to play and listen to music, lots of things have changed for DJs over the past decade. Part of our responsibility is to be informed regarding where music is, and where it will be going. So lets take … ContinuedThe post 10 Trends To Watch In DJing For 2020 appeared first on Digital DJ Tips. ...

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NAMM 2020: The Best Of The Rest

This year at NAMM most of the bigger companies such as Denon DJ, Pioneer DJ, and Rane showcased their latest hardware – albeit often away from the main show floor, in private VIP suites. But alongside those major announcements the show was filled with other manufacturers showing their latest. Like we do every year, here … ContinuedThe post NAMM 2020: The Best Of The Rest appeared... ...

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BPM Supreme Launches BPM Sounds Sample Library

Popular DJ download pool BPM Supreme just announced BPM Sounds, a loops and samples library for DJ/producers, turntablists and beatmakers. Launching in summer of 2020, BPM Sounds will include audio content like synths, beats, basslines, and vocals in a wide variety of styles including hip-hop, trap, reggaeton, house, top 40 and EDM. It works via … ContinuedThe post BPM Supreme Launches... ...

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Over To You: What Will DJing Be Like In 2030?

With the world’s biggest gear show NAMM wrapping up its 2020 edition this weekend, along with the huge drop of new kit from Denon DJ the week before, we’ve been given a peek at what DJing in the new decade will be like: music streaming, touchscreens, and increasingly powerful mixers, media players, and all-in-one devices. … ContinuedThe post Over To You: What Will DJing Be... ...

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How Entering DJ Battles Can Help You Succeed As A DJ

DJ battles have been around for decades as a way for DJs to showcase their skills. While it takes hours of preparation and practice to put together battle routines in the hope of winning (and you can get whole courses on how to do it, such as our own Scratching For Controller DJs course – … ContinuedThe post How Entering DJ Battles Can Help You Succeed As A DJ appeared first on... ...

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