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How To Make DJ Edits In With Rekordbox 6.1's New Edit Feature

Rekordbox has a new feature, to allow you to make DJ edits/re-edits directly in the software. It sits alongside the existing modes, ie Export (for preparing your music), Performance (for DJing with controllers) and Lighting (for controlling club lights). It is pretty limited, but that’s kind of the point here – it is for making … ContinuedThe post How To Make DJ Edits In With... ...

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djay 3.0 For Android Brings TIDAL, SoundCloud & More

It can be frustrating being a DJ who wants to use an Android phone or tablet for DJing. You see iPhone and iPad DJs and musicians using all of their polished apps and workflows, and wonder “when are we going to get that stuff” Whether through history, the issues with programming for the divergent technologies … ContinuedThe post djay 3.0 For Android Brings TIDAL, SoundCloud... ...

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Master The Denon DJ Prime GO - Free Video Manual & Tutorial

Want to know everything there is to know about the Denon DJ Prime GO portable, battery-powered standalone DJ unit so you can use all the features of this amazing device Maybe you’re thinking of buying one, and want to be sure it’s right for you before you splash the cash (Or maybe you’ve just got … ContinuedThe post Master The Denon DJ Prime GO – Free Video... ...

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DJ Conversion Utility Shows Some Love To Virtual DJ

Theres a lot of interest in Virtual DJ right now as a DJ platform, not least because its ability to separate stems in real time has opened up a mass of creative possibilities for DJs, from instant mashups to acapella extraction and more. Now it is possible to convert your DJ library from any other … ContinuedThe post DJ Conversion Utility Shows Some Love To Virtual DJ appeared first on... ...

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SoundCloud Adds Offline DJing... For A Price (& For Personal Use Only)

SoundCloud has launched a new tier of streaming subscription, called “SoundCloud DJ”, which allows offline DJing with the SoundCloud catalogue, for US$20 a month. The new tier gives an unlimited offline “locker” for storing tracks to play in your DJ software (currently only Virtual DJ), meaning you don’t need the internet to DJ from SoundCloud’s …... ...

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Digital DJ Tips & James Hype Join Forces For New Mixing Training

Digital DJ Tips is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with globally acclaimed UK DJ/producer James Hype. Together, we have designed and made a pro mixing training course to show and teach any DJ how to perform the signature tricks, techniques and transitions that James Hype has become known for worldwide. This is … ContinuedThe post Digital DJ Tips & James Hype Join Forces... ...

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Free Complete Tutorial On Denon DJ's Prime 4 Standalone DJ Unit

Become an expert user of Denon DJ’s Prime 4 standalone DJ unit, with this free two-hour video manual and training tutorial from Digital DJ Tips. In it, we show you the features and operation of the unit, as well as talk you through every single menu option in its settings. We demo all the effects, … ContinuedThe post Free Complete Tutorial On Denon DJ’s Prime 4 Standalone DJ... ...

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