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Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ Is A Flagship Rekordbox & Serato DJ System

Pioneer DJ has today launched the Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ, its new professional all-in-one four-channel DJ system for Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro. Check out our full first-look review and video. Designed to appeal to mobile DJs, bars, small venues, and serious hobbyists, the XDJ-XZ is a full-sized unit, feeling like a hybrid of a … ContinuedThe post Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ Is A Flagship Rekordbox... ...

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3 Old Skool Techniques Every Hip-Hop DJ Should Learn

Weve got a bunch of community members asking us for some hip-hop DJing tips. Traditional hip-hop DJing has differences in style from other genres. At times it can be smooth beatmixing like many other genres, but other times it can sound more abrupt in an attempt to get a reaction out of the crowd. Here … ContinuedThe post 3 Old Skool Techniques Every Hip-Hop DJ Should Learn appeared... ...

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Friday Five: 200 Essential Hits From The 2010s

In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a list of 200 influential pop hits from the past decade according to Stereogum. We’ve also got pieces from DJ Mag, Mixmag, Jeff Mills and Resident Advisor. Have a great weekend ahead! 200 Essential Hits From The 2010s – Stereogum says that these tracks are the best … ContinuedThe post Friday Five: 200 Essential Hits... ...

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Podcast #39: John 00 Fleming, Just Don't Call My Music Trance!

For those who know, John 00 Fleming is one of the flag bearers for a certain kind of underground music that was once called “trance”, but that in the past 20 years has had to relabel and regroup against the EDM onslaught. In great demand and touring the world still after 30 years of professional … ContinuedThe post Podcast #39: John 00 Fleming, “Just Don’t Call My... ...

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How To Succeed At Wedding DJing - Free Training

Ever wanted to get into wedding DJing Already a mobile DJ wanting to do more weddings Already a wedding DJ, but not where you want to be If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’ll want to join this brand-new, FREE training workshop, running for the next week on Digital DJ Tips. Over … ContinuedThe post How To Succeed At Wedding DJing – Free Training... ...

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Reloop RMX10BT Basic DJ Mixer With Bluetooth Launched

Reloop has just announced the RMX10BT, a basic two-channel DJ mixer with Bluetooth connectivity built in. The mixer has three-band EQs and gains for each channel, a replaceable crossfader, master and record outputs, 1/4″ headphone and mic jacks, and inputs for two line sources and two phono. Bluetooth can be routed to either channel. Being … ContinuedThe post Reloop RMX10BT Basic DJ... ...

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How Do I Promote My DJ Mixtape On Social?

Complete DJ Course student Matthew writes:” What would be the best way to promote your mix on Instagram or Facebook Should I DM people my mix and ask them to listen to it I want people to listen to my mix because I think it is good and I believe people will like it and … ContinuedThe post “How Do I Promote My DJ Mixtape On Social” appeared first on Digital DJ Tips. ...

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