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New Rane Gear! Seventy-Two MkII & Twelve MkII Launched

Rane has revitalised its flagship Seventy-Two mixer and Twelve motorised controller for 2020. The company has added a much-requested external crossfader tension adjuster to the Rane Seventy-Two MkII mixer, and meanwhile the Rane Twelve MkII get new compatibility with Virtual DJ and Traktor, plus improvements to its controls. In this article, we’ll take a look … ContinuedThe post New... ...

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Smart Playlists Arrive In Traktor Pro, Finally!

Traktor DJs, you can now use smart playlists, as of the latest Traktor beta, available to download here. Called “Smartlists” in Traktor terminology, they contain everything you’d expect smart playlists to do, as they appear in other DJ software and in iTunes/Apple Music. That means you can set up dynamic smart playlists to filter by … ContinuedThe post Smart Playlists... ...

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Beatport & SoundCloud Finally Arrive In Denon DJ Prime Gear

Announced what seems like an age ago, as of today it is possible to use Beatport Link and SoundCloud Go+ streaming services with Denon DJ’s Prime range of standalone DJ gear – the Prime 4, the Prime 2, and the Prime Go, plus the SC5000 Prime, SC6000 Prime (and M variants) media players. The update … ContinuedThe post Beatport & SoundCloud Finally Arrive In Denon DJ Prime... ...

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8 Reasons Why Mixing Is Important For DJs

There is a lot to the art of DJing. Of course, you need a passion for the music. You also need a “geeky” understanding of the gear (how it all works, what plugs into what, how to troubleshoot audio set-ups and so on). It’s important to also understand the dynamics of performing, in the same … ContinuedThe post 8 Reasons Why Mixing Is Important For DJs appeared first on... ...

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How We Made Our New DJ Course Under Quarantine

We just released our new DJ course, “House Mixing Mastery”, to our members (it is fully released to the public next month). It’s been quite a ride, especially as from conception, to filming, to release, we’ve created the whole thing under quarantine. I thought I’d share how we did it, and some of the things … ContinuedThe post How We Made Our New DJ Course... ...

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Serato DJ Pro 2.3.7 Adds Pioneer DJ DJM-V10 Support

Serato has announced the latest edition of its professional DJ software, Serato DJ Pro 2.3.7, bringing support for the Pioneer DJ DJM-V10. The DJM-V10 (here’s our Pioneer DJ DJM-V10 review) is a six-channel mixer that gives DJs a high level of control over their mix – think Pioneer’s answer to the PLAYDifferently Model 1. The … ContinuedThe post Serato DJ Pro 2.3.7 Adds... ...

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8 Tips If You Feel Like Giving Up DJing

These are hard times for DJs, with COVID-19 decimating the industry (and of course so many other industries and things we’d taken for granted in our lives). But it isn’t as if it was rosy before, assuming you can remember that far back. Increased competition, plus the natural “boom and bust” of the music world, … ContinuedThe post 8 Tips If You Feel Like Giving Up... ...

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