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Beginner's Guide To Digital DJ Tips Training Courses

In this guide, you’ll learn what DJ training courses we sell here at Digital DJ Tips, who they’re aimed at, and which would be best for you on your journey to become a better DJ or DJ/producer. We make all of our training ourselves, and you cannot buy it anywhere else. Since 2010, we’ve taught … ContinuedThe post Beginner’s Guide To Digital DJ Tips Training Courses... ...

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Reloop's RMX-44BT Is A Basic Club-Style Mixer... With Bluetooth!

Reloop has announced a new mixer, the RMX-44 BT. Costing 429, it is a basic four-channel club mixer, with the addition of Bluetooth connectivity on one of its channels. It is aimed at beginner DJs for their bedrooms, and also for small clubs, bars, pubs and event DJs who want a cost-effective mixer with all … ContinuedThe post Reloop’s RMX-44BT Is A Basic Club-Style Mixer… ... ...

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Meet The Pioneer DJ DJM-V10-LF Mixer - A New Alternative To The DJM-V10

DJs who like the look of the Pioneer DJ DJM-V10 high-end DJ mixer, but who don’t scratch, may be interested in the DJM-V10-LF, announced today by the company. What’s new in the DJM-V10-HF So compared to the existing Pioneer DJ DJM-V10 (here’s our DJM-V10 review), Pioneer DJ’s DJM-V10-LF drops the crossfader, and extends the channel … ContinuedThe post Meet The... ...

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Opinion: Does DJ Gear Really Have To Be So Big?

A student posted the above photo in StudentHub, our student-only group for owners of our DJ courses (thanks, Florian!). Who’d have realised quite how much the Pioneer DJ CDJ has grown over the years And It raises an interesting question – does DJ gear really have to be so big One size fits all Originally, … ContinuedThe post Opinion: Does DJ Gear Really Have To Be So Big... ...

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Pioneer DJ Surprises With New Tik Tok-Friendly DDJ-FLX6 Controller

Pioneer DJ has today announced the $600 DDJ-FLX6 controller, a four-channel controller for Rekordbox DJ and Serato DJ, that sits between the DDJ-400 and DDJ-800 in the company’s range – and has a feature set that we predict will delight and bemuse DJs, in equal measure. Read on for the overview, or go to our … ContinuedThe post Pioneer DJ Surprises With New Tik Tok-Friendly... ...

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Serato Users: Get The Flip Expansion For $1

In one of its periodic offer, Serato is letting Serato DJ Pro users have the Flip expansion pack for just a dollar, instead of its usual price of $39. Flip “records” what you do when you trigger cue points (and also when you trigger “censor” actions – hitting the censor button to “delete” curse words … ContinuedThe post Serato Users: Get The Flip... ...

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SoundBeamer Beams Music To Your Head - Could Transform DJ Practice Sessions

Yup, I had to check that it wasn’t 1 April too. But it’s for real: A new device that can “beam” audio directly to your ears without the need to wear headphones has been announced, and could transform practice sessions for DJs when it launches in a consumer-friendly version by the end of next year. … ContinuedThe post SoundBeamer Beams Music To Your Head –... ...

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